Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010


Why does he have to be so offensive all the time???

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pilgrum's Progress

My '74 TX650A, coming along slowly, but she'll get there. Workin'
on a motorcycle is nothing like working on a car or truck, so I'm
completely lost without the help of Tim Wolf. I'm learning plenty
as we go, and I'm happy to be learning something new. She'll be
gettin' new tread today, and hopefully we'll have her purring this
evening like Mortimer Longfellow(our kitten). The work is fun, but
I really just want to see this thing running. It won't be long, Thelma,
not long at all.

Where we go to be.

Friday night is a good a night as any to go out, drink, and party like you're 21 again. You can see all the people that you don't really care to see, talk to women who have about as much personality as pocket lint, and burn a hole in your pocket the size of Benjamin Franklin. Or if you're like me, and all of this has lost it's appeal, you might prefer a night hanging in the shop, discussing the stuff that makes life the way it is, not the way we're told it is. No better two can make that experience more genuine than Davy and Thatcher, a couple sincere souls who just "get it" and know how to warm a cold shop with only good conversation. Thanks, gents, it's always a pleasure.