Friday, August 27, 2010

Film Critique

So if you haven't already heard, I will generously tout Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin as the the greatest filmmaker of all time. His social perspective is amazing and his care for humanity is undeniable, and you see it in the characters he played and the storylines he created. For me "The Tramp" was more than just a lighthearted miscreant, he was humble, and he represented a figure of strength and nobility despite his shabby appearance. Chaplin's films should be a representative of what we are missing in modern cinema, and I'm not talking about Slapstick, I'm talking about content, real content.

City Lights is the single most romantic film ever made, and I will stand by that statement. The film is pure comedy genious, but before the curtain drops, Chaplin leaves you with a feeling that no filmmaker has been able to reproduce quite as brilliantly. Chaplin had an amazing ability to tug at the heartstrings of his captivated audience, and this film does just that. Without hesitation I can say that this is my favorite film ever made. And so… when that final scene plays, I'm left with heavily glazed eyes and a warm feeling in my belly. Now that's is what I call cinema!

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