Thursday, February 18, 2010

Los Derelictos Social Club

A little something I wrote a while back to clear up a few questions about who we are and what we're about.

Who are we?
Los Derelictos

We are a group of tight knit friends who have many common interests; skateboarding, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, music, cinema, art, fire, explosions, beer, etc. The concept of a "club", and I use that term lightly, formed with the intent to unite and organize our efforts to be unorganized, disruptive, ridiculous, and yet completely genuine in the way we interact with our fellow man. We are derelicts, no excuses, but we are true to each other, and to what we believe in.

What began years back as a group of 4 friends getting together to ride bikes and drink a few dozen beers has progressed and will continue to progress into much much more. We like to build and we like to destroy, and we are people of action, not words. We associate with like minds, and welcome those who are genuine in their nature to redefine the always sincere definition of Los Derelictos. "