Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Dance With the Devil

Years back a good friend introduced me to a band called The Devil Makes Three, I can't thank him enough for that introduction. This band in the last couple years has gained a lot of steam, and their pure talent and distinctive style is something that will take them far. In the early days of Flogging Molly (pre-Hensley), I had a feeling that their days of pub shows were limited, I have the same feeling about DM3. This trio hammers out some tunes that you can't resist movin' your feet to, and croons some ballads that give you that feeling of pleasant nostalgia.

Last night they played their third show in San Diego at Brick by Brick. Their first show in SD almost exactly one year ago was at Winstons, not one of my favorite venues, but still worth venturing for this band. May 7th was their Casbah show (amazing), and so appropriate for a band on their way to the top. Last night they played hard and the crowd danced and swayed like sailors. The band was cajoled into a couple of encores, and the crowd responded with a mighty roar. It was a noteworthy performance as usual (hence the note), and we eagerly await their return to our town. If you have the opportunity to see this band live, do not let it pass you by. Grab yourself a couple beers, post up next to the stage, find a spot for your backup brew and enjoy. You will not be disappointed.

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