Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Trade

I've spent a lot of time doing a lot of different jobs in my short life. I've tried several trades in construction, I worked in a kitchen as a teenager, and I currently work in the world of graphic art. I like the experiences I've had, but I'm not done finding new experiences. A conversation with a friend recently reminded me how much I like the tools that go along with particular trades. The simplicity of classic tools is amazing, the fact that so many of them haven't changed in centuries gives me a feeling of contentment. A friend that works in sheet metal showed me a hammer that belonged to his grandfather, this tool carries so much blood, sweat, and tears and a legacy that my friend is proud to carry with him. My dad handed me his brass hand level when I started working in grading construction, this little brass cylinder was a part of so many childhood memories and I'm not sure if my dad realized the how significant it was to me.

When I see a tool I have never used before, I want to pick it up and try it out. Many times I see a tool and I want to have the experience of working the trade that goes with it. I know I am ready to try something new, but I'm taking time with such a decision. As I look at this beautiful piece of metal, I'm getting the desire for the full experience. The precision and the care involved make me thirst for it more. I'm ready for a new set of tools.

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