Friday, October 9, 2009

Thirst for more image.

I've always loved skateboarding, it's always been important in one sense or another in my life. Got my first plastic skateboard when I was two years old

and spent my early days butt-bombing the hill in front of my house. Skateboarding as a culture has influenced fashion, music, art and even other sports so visibly it's hard to believe. For the most part I like the influence, as a general statement I think it has opened up the minds of both designers and the public alike.

What gets on my nerves are the big name skateboarders who focus so hard on their image, and the fact that children and simple fools buy into it.
Seriously, Duffail manages to look like an idiot most of the time. The so called "attitude" of guys like this that is looked up to by the young kids is pathetic, contrived, and completely unnecessary. It's no wonder the little brats are turning into such. I could go into the "when I was a kid" rant, but I'll spare you. Yeah, everybody is entitled to their own style I guess, but this is just stupid, quit trying so hard, "go back to your room and change, you look like a whore!"

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