Friday, October 9, 2009

An introductry introspection.

Good morning, and welcome to the wonderful world of words, written for my own enjoyment. Will there be any order or method to these words? That is yet to be determined. I am but a simple man, I speak plainly and honestly, I promise not to attempt to impress you with a pretentiously forced use of vocabulary which exceeds my own level of intelligence (did that seem forced? argh!). My perspectives are not always popular, but in their absurdity they can be found entertaining to those with like minds (basically I'm saying that if you're a simpleton, you might enjoy this). Sometimes the entertainment will be completely visual (especially if I'm having the writer's block). If my attempt to create something that I'm happy with fails, this blog will be abandoned and never looked upon by my own self ever again. Thanks for reading.

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